SmartiBot, The-world's-first-A.I.-enabled-cardboard-robot

SmartiBot, The-world's-first-A.I.-enabled-cardboard-robot

Smartibot works with your smartphone, meaning you can use your mobile as a remote control, or by attaching it to your robot, as it’s brain. 



Smartibot works with your smartphone, meaning you can use your mobile as a remote control, or by attaching it to your robot, as it’s brain.  

The Smartibot app contains a powerful A.I. called YOLO which can recognise objects Smartibot sees such as people, cars, dogs and bicycles. Without any programming you can tell your robot to follow you around with a cup of tea, chase your dog or your cat out of your bedroom or even follow your toy car.

As well as the A.I. robot, Smartibot comes with cardboard parts to make two additional robots!  


Build a robot out of anything: With Smartibot you can keep on building. You can build your robots out of almost anything around the house, even a potato! The only limit is your imagination.

Invent robots without writing code: You can connect up to 14 so you can build wheeled robots, two legged robots, four legged robots, robot arms, not to mention cars, trikes, hovercraft, airboats, probably even aeroplanes. The app allows you to design custom controllers to suit your robot just by dropping the control elements on the screen without needing to write any code. 

Hack your toys (and your other stuff) : Smartibot runs on 4 AA batteries. This means you can open them up, connect Smartibot to their motors and control them from your phone, or make them programmable. Smartibot is also compatible with most Radio Controlled model kits! Just swap it for your R/C receiver and drive your model from your phone, or attach your phone and make your model self-driving.

But I like to code! Don’t worry , We are working with Microsoft to onboard Smartibot to the MakeCode platform, the same programming environment that is used to program the BBC Micro: bit (and taught in thousands of schools). With MakeCode you’ll be able to program your Smartibot using a visual (Scratch-like) blocks editor or with JavaScript.

Smartibot is expandable: We’ve created two expansion boards so far:

A gorgeous, super-bright, 144 LED display that you can use to add changeable faces or graphics to your robot, to play games, or anything else that needs a whole load of twinkling white lights. 


A board with two laser distance sensors and a gesture sensor that you can use make your robot avoid obstacles, prevent it driving off the table, control it with gestures, or anything else that need insanely capable digital sensors.

We’ve got loads more expansion boards in the pipeline, from sensors for line following to a microphone and speaker to add sound to your robots.

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