Shenzhen Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition

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China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition (hereinafter referred to as “Competition “) aims at integrating innovation and entrepreneurship resources, assisting overseas innovation and entrepreneurship projects in accessing Chinese hi-tech industrial resources, opening Chinese market, and realizing mutual benefits and win-win results. This competition is open to all foreign innovation and entrepreneurship projects with no restrictions on competitors ‘ nationality. Bonus of this competition totally reaches RMB 9.71 million, which includes individual bonus up to RMB 0.75 million (venture capital investments are not included). Those who have projects landed in Shenzhen and meet the conditions will be eligible for a startup subsidy of up to RMB 1 million. A venture capital pool of RMB 25 billion has been set up by more than 50 investment institutions, which helps support outstanding projects. Equal opportunities of social investment are going to be distributed via the platform to all participants. Throughout this competition, an all-round overseas 2 / 23 talent recruitment and settling service system will be established from various aspects such as competition subject collection, overseas coaching, offshore pre-incubation, online accessing, supportive policy accessing and industrial park accessing etc. so as to provide participants with comprehensive services. In addition, a series of supportive policies will be available for this competition, including settling policy support, entrepreneurship competition funding scheme, venture capital fund financing plan, scientific and technological financing service support, investment financial service, entrepreneurship space and entrepreneurship service.

2. Application Deadline

The application deadline is 31 July  2023. Any entity or individual authorizes Cambridge Hacklab Academy Ltd (CHA) to submit your application or indicating you are ‘Referred by CHA’ when filling out the registration form, and successfully enters the UK Division Final, the entity or individual can get a Free EasyThreed 3D Printer X2 (worth £125-£150 at Amazon), which is provided by CHA. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this competition. We are more than happy to provide more detailed information and answer your questions.

3. Contact us for the registration and learn more information. 

Dr. Rongsheng Zhang or Dr. Phoebe  Shi 

4. Application official website: 

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